Good Day Penn & Teller

In early 1991, Penn & Teller were doing their Refrigerator Tour, and whilst spending a few weeks at The Colonial Theatre in Boston, they visited the set of Good Day!, and met with Eileen Prose.

They opened their spot with a nice conceit.

Interesting to see at the first break, that even back then, they were using big red Ps and Ts on their merch … take a look at Teller’s t-shirt.

Good Day! aired on the local ABC affiliate WCVB-TV. in the Boston area, and was probably the template for the show Good Morning America. Some time after this appearance, the show was cancelled, though the two things are not related.

Eileen cracks a good gag about talking Latin to Teller, who began his working life as a Latin teacher.

Here’s a contemporary write up of their live show, from The Tech, the MIT paper.

By the way: Don’t be surprised if you see Penn and Teller wandering around the MIT campus during their three-week stay in Boston. Rumor has it that they enjoy hanging out at the Media Laboratory, playing with the computers that are there.

Some of the tricks performed on this tour have names that make me wish I could find them on YouTube. The gorilla one especially. But, thanks to Just Four Laughs, at least we can see this one.

Nice to see Ben Elton at the start there. I have a feeling that this clip is the first time I saw P&T on British TV, or maybe I saw them do the same trick on their Channel 4 series The Unpleasant World Of Penn & Teller.

Good Day Penn & Teller

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