Uler Oops Are Rahnd

According to official statistics, using Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse to front a campaign for Hula Hoops increased sales by 22%, resulting in £12 million more income for KP after just a few months. The campaign was created by Publicis.

It was born from a focus group made up of 13-15 year olds, which came away with the conclusion that you couldn’t change the shape of the crisps. This quickly developed into using Enfield and Whitehouse’s Self Righteous brother characters, and the first three ads hit screens in June and July of 1995.

These are those first three.



The awareness for these ads were among the highest ever recorded on the Millward-Brown index. The huge success meant the campaign continued, adding more variation to the mix.

Before changing the format slightly in 1998.


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