e.phemera: Beaker’s Ode To Joy

Beaker’s Ode To Joy

I would never have remembered seeing this if it weren’t for the aptly named Google Wonder Wheel. If you’re bored with nothing to do but surf, go to Google and type a random phrase. Then on the results page, click Show More, and choose the Wonder Wheel. Wherever it takes you will be worth the journey.

Tonight was a perfect storm on the internet. A link on Twitter (via @_Cantus_) lead me to an article about Digg, which mentioned the Wonder Wheel.

And before anyone says it, I am NOT Beaker.

(via The Internet)

One thought on “e.phemera: Beaker’s Ode To Joy

  • November 7, 2009 at 2:54 am

    Best blog post ever ;o)

    I particularly like the part where it mentions me. But Beaker wins you 100 extra points*

    * Save enough points and qualify for a free Tibet.

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