The Disturbing Adverts For After Eight Mints

The way After Eights are advertised is a bit weird. Take this commercial, for example, from the 1970s.

Aside from being a bit unsettling, like all old adverts, it’s quite misleading. After Eights were only invented in 1962, so chances are, she didn’t have them as a child.

This one from 1985 seems to be trying to claim that After Eights are sentient creatures.

I think that’s more disturbing than the pig who wants to be eaten in Hitchhikers. And it brings a whole new meaning to Mr Creosote. That ‘waffer thin meent’ was on a suicide mission.

Then there’s this one, about a Butler who is so ill-treated and poorly paid, that he has to concoct ghost stories in order to eat.

Or this one, where rich people are so in-bred that they are trying to play roulette with chocolate thin mints.

Apparently there was once an After Eight Chocolate Orange Thin, but I don’t think I ever had the pleasure.

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