Outside No. 9

One of the added brilliant things about The League Of Gentlemen DVDs is the commentaries. Featuring all four of the Gentlemen, they are funny, honest, and insightful, and well worth listening to. Steve and Reece continued this through Psychoville, and the first series of Inside No. 9. Annoyingly though, the distributors of series 2 declined to do a commentary track (though there appears to be one on my new series 3 blu-ray).

Luckily, through the magic of modern stuff, Reece and Steve have provided commentaries for series 2 here. This is the first one, for The 12 Days Of Christine.

UPDATE: I posted this before listening to them all, and man alive, wowsers. It’s important you listen to them in order, from the bottom of the list upwards.

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