There Was Never A Show Called Roobarb & Custard

Thirty years ago today, I would have got up, and in my pyjamas, I would have wandered downstairs and popped the telly on. It was a Saturday, and my morning would have been spent watching it. In fact, looking at the listings on BBC Genome, I may well have been there all day.

Things kicked off with Roobard

… which I would have sworn was called Roobarb & Custard, but it wasn’t.

Then a bit later, I would have sung along to the Muppet Babies.

And then … look apparently, the show was called Roobarb. Wait, what?

Anyway, I would have watched Going Live!, some of Grandstand, Telly Addicts, and probably Casualty

Hang on.

It was definitely Roobarb & Custard.

Oh. Maybe the sequel was called …


My brain hurts.

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