The Chocolate Bars Of Seinfeld

Last night, on my endlessly looping marathon of Seinfeld episodes, I watched The Dealership. It’s a good one (well, they all are), and there are lots of references to American chocolate bars. This is one of my favourite things about watching the show, learning about all the new and wonderful food stuffs they have over there.

We all know about the Twix, and watching various New Yorkers eating a Snickers with a knife and fork in The Pledge Drive didn’t present me with anything new of course. But here’s a rundown of other chocolate bars mentioned in the show (mostly, but not all, from The Dealership).

Of course, Sue-Ellen Mischke is the heir to the Oh Henry! Candy Bar fortune.

In The Muffin Tops, Kramer gives out bite-size versions of these.

And do Junior Mints count?


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