Fingering Fudge

Some more adverts from the 80s today, but in an effort to see if I’m weirdly scared of adverts from that time, here’s one that’s held in warm regard.

And yes, as much as I’m still fond of this one, there’s still some disturbing things about it. The camera is far too close, and it follows the movement far too strictly, which just makes me uncomfortable. And there’s something unsettling about the faceless milkman too. Especially when he puts the extra bottle of full cream down – like he’s trying to slowly kill you with fat.

Here’s another one.

And yes, the ear worm notwithstanding, this should be a pretty innocent affair, but somehow the lighting contrives to make it all look a bit sinister.

And let’s not even consider the implications of this one:

While this one is actually not too disturbing:

Until you start to consider the implications of sentient potatoes, living in the ground, singing songs about how they want to be slaughtered and eaten.

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