A Local Shop For Local People

With the excellent news that The League Of Gentlemen will be returning to our screens for three new episodes in the autumn, it’s remarkable how many of their seemingly grotesque characters are born from encounters with real people.

We all know that the Local Shop is based on a visit to Brighton for the gang’s first ever live outing as the League at Komedia.

But even Papa Lazarou stems from reality.

Pauline is based on a real Restart officer Reece had when he was unemployed.

While The Dentons have their genesis in a family one of the Gents stayed with one time.

Charlie and Stella are based on a chance encounter had in a restaurant, where a couple were witnessed conversing with one another through the waiter.

While Ollie Plimsolls is based on an actor Reece worked with in community theatre.

Anyway, can’t wait for the new episodes.

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