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Another one of those repeated viewing gets rewarded posts. This time it’s the Seinfeld episode The Chicken Roaster. This is the one where Jerry and Kramer swap apartments, and quickly turn into one another.

But there’s a little more going on that first meets the eye. Look at this frame from early on in the show.

You’ll notice that Jerry’s large Superman model has pride of place on his shelves in the background.

Now look at this frame, from later, when Kramer has moved in.

That’s right. Kramer swapped out the Superman (now on the table) for a giant pasta model. I’m guessing this is the replacement, bigger, version of the Fusilli Jerry that disappeared up Frank Costanza’s bottom.

There’s still more though. When he first moves in, Kramer is unpacking a box. And there, he seems to have some more, not least one of himself, by the phone.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen his collection though. Here’s a shot of his display shelf in The Pool Guy.

Check out that one of Elaine, second from the left.

Also in this episode, Jerry gets a commercial jingle stuck in his head. Here in the UK, it’s not a jingle we would have heard.

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