Thought Vomit #19: ft. Temper Tantrums

I lost my temper today. It’s such a rare thing, I can remember the last time I properly lost it. I was in the Common Room of my Sixth Form. So what’s that, thirty years ago? Seems like it.

That’s not to say I’ve not been angry a lot, but properly losing my temper and bellowing loudly into someone’s face is something I hate doing, and it never makes me feel any better. In fact, it makes me feel worse.

Apparently I’m quite amusing when I’m angry, and I always get the uncomfortable feeling that when I’m in an indignant rage I’m more like Jerry Seinfeld than George Costanza. And that’s amusing in that people are laughing at me, not laughing along with my righteous outrage.

I also do that stomping off thing when I lose my temper, and often times when I’m in a huff. How childish is that? I once found myself clomping off across a large room, not quite knowing where I was storming off to, and finally had to sit down on a chair in the corner which looked directly back at the person I was in a tizz with. She just giggled, and I felt worse.

So, when I actually lose my temper, it steams and festers for hours afterwards. I could have kicked a bin I suppose, but I eventually spent two hours sawing thick bars of metal into bits.

I’m going to make a man sized killer robot.

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