Thought Vomit #86: ft. The BTTF Challenge

I’m taking a break from real writing to vomit a thought, though I’m not sure what that thought will be yet. Oliver Kamm’s column in The Times today weirdly meshed with a brain fart I have been sniffing for the past few days, and as ever he says it all much better than I ever could, so I shan’t waste your time.

I have succumbed to Twitter, which I knew I would eventually. Phil Jupitus describes it as heroin. And even though I have never had heroin, I never intend to have heroin, I wouldn’t know where to get any heroin, and I have no conception as to what heroin is like, he’s right, it is EXACTLY like heroin. And the irony is, that last sentence is too long to ever be a tweet. @sighdone in case you’re interested in 140 character thought vomits.

I did my first gig after a short break last night. It was at Drones in Cardiff, at the Chapter Arts Centre, and it was a delight. The last time I did it, I struggled a lot, but this time it was plain sailing. It was a nice welcome back from the comedy gods (my nomination for those today would be Fry, Quantick and Jon Richardson), though I fear the next gig will be a bit of a come down.

Thought Vomits should resume their normal daily up chundering output too, but before I go I issue a challenge: Name one thing better than writing whilst listening to the soundtrack from Back To The Future, I dare you.

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