Thought Vomit #87: ft. Pip Schofield In Joe’s Coat

Who is The Cube? What is The Body? Where is Phillip Schofield so damn likeable? Three simple questions that prove anything easy can be munched up by seven shades of man moron. And to be honest, this is the best Saturday night show I’ve seen in a decade.

The Cube is just so damn nice. It’s not knowingly naff, or needlessly spiteful, it doesn’t rely on a public vote fuelled by drunken rage, it’s just a simple, brilliant idea, very well executed.

The only other time I’ve been emotionally invested in little red balls getting slopped into a tube was playing a game as a child. And yes, I eschewed the cynical double-entendre deliberately so as not to sully such a lovely piece of tellyboxing.

Essentially, you step in to The Cube and attempt to complete seemingly simple task to win money. At no point have the producers tried to turn the contestants into objects of derision or feather spitting, they let the idea speak for itself. It’s the perfect antidote to that brothel full of bum gravy The X-Factor.

It’s on the ITV Net Player here:

I liked it a lot.

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