Clips Of Fun

I don’t know why, but it seems apropos to begin a trawl through the newspaper clippings for Fist Of Fun with this little snippet from the Amersham Advertiser. It’s one of the first mentions of the series I can find, and appeared on Wednesday 15th March 1995.

The series began just a month later, so the turn around from location shoot to TX was rather quick.

As the broadcast of episode one drew nearer, this appeared in the Nottingham Evening Post on Saturday 8th April.

Here’s a trailer for the show, with some specially shot material.

On the day of its debut, Lee and Herring made it into the nationals, with this by Rachel Murphy in the Daily Mirror.

And the duo appeared on the Big Breakfast to plug the series.

A year later, and the second series was in flow. This weirdly toned piece appeared in the Mirror, on 23rd February 1996.

And we’ll finish where we started, with a piece of stupid ephemera that is more than likely made up bollocks regurgitated by Matthew Wright in his column on the 26th February.

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