The Saturday Night Armisclips

I really enjoyed The Saturday/Friday Night Armistice when it was on, and every now and then I seek it out again and rewatch it. In researching this blog, I also realise that it may have been directly responsible for my Seinfeld obsession.

On the 16th March 1995, the Birmingham Daily Post featured a long article about all the new shows that would soon be appearing on the BBC.

This listing from the Crawley News on Wednesday 21st June is pretty typical of most of the listings for the new show around this time

And there it began.

While I may have seen the odd episode of Seinfeld before then, The Boyfriend is the first I one I really remember blowing my mind, and I most likely saw it after sticking around after the end credits of the Armistice. And I would have watched more, broadcast out of order, each Saturday afterwards. Shortly after, I got cable, and devoured more of Seinfeld on the Paramount Comedy Channel.

As the first episode of Armistice drew nearer, longer bits were popping up in the papers, like this one from the Solihull News on Friday 23rd June.

Noel’s House Party after an arson attack reads so well in Iannucci’s voice.

A longer version of this release appeared in the Liverpool Echo the next day.

At the same time, this appeared in the Daily Mirror.

On the Monday after the first show (26th June), Rosalind Renshaw wrote about it in the Reading Evening Post.

While Harry Venning waited until 6th July to review the show in The Stage.

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