Just One Question #5

Let’s find out which one question I asked Katie Salidas.

Q: How closely does what you write match your mood as you write it?

Katie Salidas: That’s an interesting and somewhat hard question to answer. Writing is, in a way, an escape for me. Usually when I write, I’m in the “story zone.” I can shut off the outside world and enter the world of my characters.

But there are times when the outside world just won’t go away.  I think at those times my writing is flavored by the mood I’m in. I love to joke about killing characters when I’ve had a bad day. It’s therapy. Taking out your frustrations on a character can sometimes really make the scene work. You can have fun with it and really give that “bad guy” a gruesome and violent end. And you feel better for it.

However there are other times where I’m not influenced by the outside world but I’m still not in that “story zone.”  I need a little help setting the mood to get into a scene. It’s hard to write a love scene if you’re not in that “lovey dovey” mood. So, when I need to I help set the mood with music.

So you see, it’s not really a simple answer. Sometimes my mood has no effect, sometimes my mood creates the right effect, and sometimes I need outside assistance to create the right mood for writing.

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