Ian Malcolm’s Leather Jacket

There was a moment when I was watching the video posted at the end of this post, when I realised something about Jurassic Park that I sort of comprehended before, but not really.

Take a look at this frame from the movie.

There’s something about it that tells you everything you need to know about the core relationships in the film.

The clothes.

Malcolm and Hammond are polar opposite characters, the ying and yang of the argument about nature and nurture, chaos and order, and recklessness and responsibility. So naturally, their costumes reflect this.

But look at Ellie and Alan (and let’s not ignore the similarity in names here) – they are wearing the same clothes, just in reverse. Their colour palettes are complimentary. It’s a nice touch. As it the fact that Lex and Tim are dressed in a similar garb to their adoptive parents.

The video is worth your time, even if it does read a little too much into things, and ignores the contributions of Crichton and Koepp the writers, as well as the rest of the crew. What it does highlight nicely though, is the importance of rooting a big, action adventure in a small, personal story. Koepp and Spielberg did this again with War Of The Worlds, and it’s what makes Die Hard so good, and Die Hard We Cured Radiation 5 so poor.

The Most Awkward Blog I Have Ever Written

Sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone, if only to remember why you defined the borders of that zone in the first place. So it was, that this weekend, I set myself an arbitrary, stupid, and ultimately pointless challenge.

Write and make something.

I set myself a few rules.

  • No preplanning
  • No rewriting
  • Publish it no matter what

It also had to be between 10 and 15 minutes long, and it had to be something that I could make entirely on my own. Imposing restrictions like that, I find, is often a good way of having ideas, weirdly.

The point was to remind myself why it is I like to pre-plan my writing, and to remind myself why re-writing is so important.

That’s why posting this is quite so unnerving. I might as well be showing you my big fat arse.


I can already list a dozen things I would do in a re-write, including getting rid of the weird car references at the start, and totally changing how and who does what, as well as doing a few more takes of certain line readings, and you know, getting someone who can actually act.

So, what have I learned from this stupid exercise?

That I need a social life.

Fall Back

Having an extra hour in the day really appealed to Larry. He always seemed so pressed for time these days, and things were getting forgotten. The house needed a lick of paint, some of the pipes were rumbling, the dog needed to be fed, and it was all getting overlooked.

Come to think of it, he hadn’t seen the dog for weeks. No wonder he was neglecting to feed the damn thing. It’s not like the cat ever let him forget to fill up the bowls.

The plan was simple.

Convert to a twenty five hour day.

And if that worked, more time could be had by implementing an eight day week.

What to name that extra day would be solved later. For now though, the extra hour was easy. Ish.

Should he put it at the full end of the day, and have 13 o’clock? He wasn’t sure that made sense. There wouldn’t be a 13 o’clock in the afternoon then. Though, as he thought about it, that would negate the need to differentiate between the two clock cycles. And on the twenty four hour clock, having it at the end would make it easy. It’s just a twenty five hour clock. It’s not like he could put the extra hour anywhere else. It couldn’t go from 1300 hours straight to 2500 hours.

Decision made.

The extra hour goes at the end of the day.

He’d had the idea when the clocks went back, giving him the extra hour in bed. Having that extra hour every day though, now, that would solve all his problems. He might even be able to figure out what that weird smell was.

And he wouldn’t just spend that extra hour in bed, he was determined.

What’s more, he realised he wouldn’t have to build some weird time dilating machine – he could just add the extra hour himself.

The new regime was working well, aside from a few extra lie-ins. He’d even used those twenty fifth hours to good effect at least once. Another episode of Star Trek had been watched, leaving him a good extra fifteen minutes to nap.

Sure, he’d been late for work five times and they’d fired him, but that just freed up more time to do other things.

The plan was working.