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  • It’s Bouquet
    It’s Bouquet

    I should preface this with an admission that I only realised Fawlty Towers was a pun title about 18 months ago, so what follows is hardly surprising. I was watching the fourth Doctor Who serial Seeds Of Doom last night, and there’s a scene in it where he and Sarah Jane meet a botanical painter…

  • Novel Sitcoms
    Novel Sitcoms

    As happens sometimes, the waft of an idea teased my brain this morning, and I wondered if there was a series of blogs to be written about movie tie-in novels. Then I realised how much effort this would be, and decided against it. My mind wandered a little further, and I started wondering about sitcoms…

  • Mrs BJ Smegma
    Mrs BJ Smegma

    What’s your favourite comedy name? In my more formative years, I remember being told by someone whom I respected that the use of comedy names was the last resort of the desperate. This person of course, was very, very wrong. Re-watching Bottom, I’m appreciating some of the peripheral character names a great deal. Mr Sex,…

  • Proto Hyacinth
    Proto Hyacinth

    During my re-watch of Last Of The Summer Wine (I’m up to 1989 now), a few days ago, when he first appeared on screen, I tweeted this. And then his sister Edie came on screen, and I added this tweet. While this was true of Seymour initially, at least for a couple of episodes, he…

  • Keeping Blob Appearances
    Keeping Blob Appearances

    Here’s one the best physical comedians meeting one of the worst. Why would you just have that pink-suited twit pratting about the set, and not use Routledge’s skills in any way whatsoever? The most remarkable thing about the clip is that the window at the back of the kitchen opens. It was never used in…

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  • Proctology: A Bottom Examination
    Proctology: A Bottom Examination

    For a long time now I’ve been wanting to write an old-fashioned programme guide. One you can hold in your hand and thumb through, make notes on, spill coffee on. So I did. Proctology: A Bottom Examination is my deep dive into Bottom, the hit BBC Two sitcom starring Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. That’s…

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  • Re-Casting Keanu
    Re-Casting Keanu

    Keanu Reeves is 56. That makes him eight years older than Clive Dunn was when he was first cast in Dad’s Army. But don’t panic, Clive Dunn was always playing much older characters than his own age. Keanu Reeves is 56. That makes him seven years older than Stephanie Cole was when she was first…

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