How To Solve All The Problems In The World

It’s been a bad year, for so many people, for so many reasons. It might be cathartic to list all the bags that have been filled with shite, and use creative swear words to vent some pent up impotent rage, but that would make this blog about eight days long, and we’d still only scratch the surface.

That said, I have figured out one simple thing we can all do in 2018 that will stop things getting worse and worse every day.


Festivus: The Airing Of Grievances

It’s officially Festivus. I have my pole up, and we’ve set aside an area for the feats of strength later. But it doesn’t truly begin until we do The Airing Of Grievances.

So, let’s start.

You, I don’t like the way you sniff too much, and the way your fat face goes wonky when you smile. And your eyes are too small. What’s more, your blinkered belief that you can structure a sentence, and string out a plot is nothing but self-delusion. And why you insist on trying to write a blog every day is beyond me. You’re a giant lump of congealed snot of the bumface of humanity.

*puts mirror down*

Now, I’m off to wrestle a pig.

This Is Not A Blowjob

My podcast setisoppO has a fun and loyal audience, and we play lots of games over on our Facebook page. Yesterday, I posted this.

We had a number of good responses, including some Pop Art references, and Gabe even suggested correctly that it does indeed have a natural opposite, which is a pipe.

This got me thinking though. And I posted the following comment.

A fair question I think.

Except Facebook decided that my post needed to be translated, and this is how it translated it.


(With thanks to Jamie)