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  • Swedish Drop The Dead Donkey

    Swedish Drop The Dead Donkey

    Do you want to see Drop The Dead Donkey in the original Swedish*? Of course you do. While I don’t know what they’re saying, and it could be deeply heinous stuff for all I know, they’ve nailed the look. The set is great, the characters look right. So why didn’t they use the same theme […]

  • Comedy Is … All About Timing

    Comedy Is … All About Timing

    Here’s the third installment of Comedy Is … an audio essay that uses a show from the late 1990s line-up on the Paramount Comedy Channel as a springboard to talk about the history of television comedy, and explore the wider social context of these shows, and what they mean to me on a more personal level. This time round, […]

  • Promo The Dead Donkey

    Promo The Dead Donkey

    Here’s a series of different little promos for the Channel 4’s Drop The Dead Donkey. One for an Australian airing. These circle idents were always really nice. This was a bizarre competition Channel 4 once ran. One for Paramount Comedy. And one for a VHS release. Finally, something they made for Amnesty.

  • Richard Osman On Drop The Dead Donkey

    Richard Osman On Drop The Dead Donkey

    I’m probably the last person to know this, but Richard Osman, creator and co-presenter of the quiz show Pointless, is in the last ever scene of Drop The Dead Donkey. Did you see him? I had to watch it twice to make sure, when I should have just done a Google search. TV fact for […]

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