Alexei As A Kid

I keep finding clips of Alexei Sayle from Stuff, or his All New Show, or Merry-Go-Round. And they are always, without exception, great.

And then there’s this bit, which I still quote now, even though I have never seen it since I first watched it. I thought it was from Stuff, but I’m not sure that’s right, because I didn’t see it on a recent re-watch.

Glad I’m not the only one who is confused by this. Sayle himself posted this on his blog.

A guy emailed asking me about a routine I used to do about a guy on a motorbike “drop down a cog, give it a handful, I was laughin my mate was laughin”.  I think the routine is called Romford Bypass  but I can’t remember where it can be found, is it on one of the series of Stuff?  Does anybody know?

Alexei Sayle’s Blog

According to the comments it’s from episode six of the first series of Stuff.


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