Robbie Talks Back To Clive

In an interview about Cracker, in The Nineties special of TV Years Magazine, creator Jimmy McGovern talks about the casting of Robbie Coltrane as Fitz.

He’s one of the quickest-witted people I’ve ever met. I saw an interview he did with Clive Anderson – my God, they took no prisoners. They just went for each other.

Jimmy McGovern, TV Years, Issue 3

So naturally I went looking for that interview, and here it is.

I’m not sure it lives up to McGovern’s billing, but it’s a good watch. One day I might take a longer look at Clive’s set, because it’s marvellous.

For now though, let’s have a look at all the shows and adverts that Robbie is doing a good job of plugging here.

First off, of course is Cracker, which has one of the best character introduction sequences I’ve ever seen.

There’s also talk of Boswell And Johnson’s Tour Of The Western Isles, in which Robbie gets to play Samuel Johnson again.

Here’s a trailer for the film they talk about, The Adventures Of Huck Finn. See if you can spot the one shot of Robbie.

Unfortunately I can’t find a clip for Coltrane In A Cadillac, but here’s one from the follow up series B Road Britain.

And let’s not forget his Persil ads.

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