Movies In Grange Hill

Movie buffs assemble.

I need your help identifying some films that were featured in a couple of episodes of Grange Hill during series 8. You see, Gonch has hit upon a money-making wheeze, and he’s charging his schoolmates to watch rental VHS tapes during lunch hour.

This is what they’re watching.

Starts with a high shot, and some bad tracking. I recognise that industrial setting from loads of places I’m sure.

There’s a massive fight going on. But it’s clearly a British movie/show.

It’s quite exciting. The music is pumping.

That van must be familiar.

Continuity error. The blue car in the background hasn’t arrived yet.

See, there it comes now.

Watch the full action here:

Later, when they realise you can’t watch a whole movie during one lunch hour, Gonch thinks it’s a good idea to become a movie pirate. This is the first film he bootlegs. What is it?

A few episodes later, some kids turn on the telly to find this movie playing. Anyone know what it is?


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