The Food Is Nude

I’m hopefully not the only one who thinks it all feels a bit 1970s around here at the moment. There’s a great book about that time by Francis Wheen, called Strange Days Indeed, which you should read.

In the meantime, here’s some advert from 1978.

Strange ads indeed.

That Colman’s sauce one is particularly odd, though I like the line ‘the food’s nude’.

A few years later, the ads were a little less creepy, though not sure I wanna be sold to by a talking cow.

This one is even weirder.

And what the company makes their suppliers do is also … not on.

In fact, when it comes to mustard, Colman’s seem to revel in staff cruelty.

And then feel the need to explain the joke at the end.

Thanks Colman’s.

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