Ha Ha Halloween: Newsradiooooh

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that US sitcoms are much more likely to have made Halloween themed specials than UK ones.

I wish these clips were more indicative of the quality of Newsradio, because it’s an overlooked show that is well worth a watch. Stephen Root and Dave Foley are particularly good in it.

When NBC wanted to run a themed night of sitcom episodes based around the ‘idea’ of Four Weddings And A Funeral, they instructed Newsradio to write an episode about a character dying. The writers wrote one instead about a dead rat.

You can often guage the quality of a show by the calibre of its guest stars.

That’s from an episode called The Injury, a show that was held back over concerns about its excessive use of the word ‘penis’.

Newsradio was an NBC sitcom that ran for 97 episodes over five seasons from 1995 to 1999. It was created by Paul Simms, and NBC changed its timeslot eleven times over that run. Ray Romano was originally cast in the role that eventually went to Joe Rogan.

They also had to deal with the tragic death of Phill Hartman.

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