Peers Of The Summer Wine

Following on from yesterday, where we looked at what else was on the BBC the night the pilot of Last Of The Summer Wine aired, I thought it might be fun to look at what was on the night the first full series began – Monday 12th November 1973.

Short Back And Palais Glide was on BBC One at 9.25pm.

Earlier in the evening, you could have watched an episode of Sykes called Uniform.

While if you didn’t fancy watching Compo wander around Holmfirth, you could have switched over to BBC Two to watch The Fight, and seen how Joe Bugner prepared for a bout with Joe Frazier.

Aside from Z Cars and an episode of Panorama about Prince Anne’s wedding, you could have also watched The Wombles earlier on, or Life In The Nine, a five part documentary about the Common Market and the EEC.

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