Christmas On BBC One In 1985

Seems like the perfect time to have a wander round the BBC One schedules for Christmas of 1985.

These were the big blockbuster movies that Auntie had lined up for us. I mean, I would have recorded Rocky II, but the others are all a bit meh.

It’s a pretty strong line up through the afternoon, evening, and night on Christmas Day itself though.

And I probably watched all of the sitcoms the Robin is trailing here.

This is a tale of two halves really. I would have gone to bed at half ten I think, but would have enjoyed Kenny. Also, the mechanical globe replacement here is wonderful. Apparently Noel destroyed it because he hated it, which just proves how great it actually is.

For some context, here’s the afternoon news on Christmas Eve.

While this was the music on the schedule.

Always lovely to be wished a Merry Christmas by Roland Rat, before we get a look at the full menu for Christmas Eve.

And in case you want to see what was on come Boxing Day …

And finally, here’s how we were bid goodnight after a long, satisfying day of festivities. I really wish they’d played the anthem over the robins though.

This may or may not be from Noel’s 1985 show. Dunno.
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