Subject To Availability

This rather ominous advert tells us two important things about the imminent lauch of BSB in 1990.

First, and more frivolously, maybe using Colin from The Brittas Empire was a bad choice (yes, I am aware of the limitations of linear time), and perhaps an omen for the shitshow that was to follow.

Second, that little line of text that appears just after the line ‘the trouble is’ … receiver equipment subject to availability.

They were having huge problems with their box suppliers, and hardly any were being made.

The end of this one actually made me gasp to be honest.

I’m not sure that Lenny Henry was part of any of the programming line up, but I’d be happy to hear otherwise.

This next one is really smarmy.

But we get to see Gary Olsen next to Dickie, so that’s nice.

Here’s one shop that seemed to have some Squarials available.

Fun fact, the Squarial on display at the big media launch of BSB was made of wood, and had no fuctioning parts whatsoever.

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