Ads Of The Summer Wine

There are surprisingly few adverts that cash in on Last Of The Summer Wine. For a show that was consistently highly rated over it’s 295 episode run, and bowed out winning its slot, this seems strange to me.

We’ve seen all sort of campaigns featuring sitcom characters (overtly or otherwise), including Open All Hours and Keeping Up Appearances.

A cursory search of these things usually throws up a dozen examples, but I can only find two for this show, and one is dubious.

Here’s Nora Batty flogging us Ovaltine.

And here’s a John Smith advert, featuring Jane Freeman, vaguely dressed like Ivy from Sid’s Cafe.

Like I say, this one’s a bit tenuous, because it’s part of a wider campaign, featuring the character of Arkwright (of all people), played by Gordon Rollings.

You’d think Compo was such a recognisable character that he would have popped up selling us something, but maybe Bill Owen turned lots of offers down. Likewise Clegg and Foggy.

I wonder if the BBC was keeping a tight rein on the show.

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