Compo’s Bed And Clegg’s Stead

I watched the second half of the first series of Last Of The Summer Wine last night. I can’t find the pilot amongst the 59 discs, but I expect it’s there somewhere.

Look how bleak Compo’s house is.

And yes, we get a glimpse of his oven.

It’s a rather compact table top affair, that usually sits next to his ferrets. Anyone know what that jar contains?

This is his bedroom.

He’s lying in bed, getting drunk whilst watching the test card.

Wonder what the clippings on the wall are about, and where he got that boomerang.

Compare this existence to Clegg’s.

He keeps his kettle in the living room. Efficient, if nothing else, is Normal Clegg. That kettle on the coffee table is his camping one. Here’s his every day one.

Have a nose at his book and record collection while you’re at it.

And his wallpaper.

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