Ever Decreasing Commercials

Here’s fun. This is an advert for the new 1985 Ford Sierra, featuring Richard Briers. See if you can spot the moments that tickled me.

He’s called Mr Wilton.

In this reality, Richard Briers is called Robert, and he’s probably married to Penelope Wilton. If you haven’t seen Ever Decreasing Circles, this may interest you less than it did me.

Aside from the sultry Gold Blend couple, Nescafe also ran a more homely series of ads, mostly starring Gareth Hunt, with Una Stubbs, and many more.

Sarah Greene joined in the fun later, and luckily she always carried a handful of coffee beans around with her at this time.

But what we’re getting to is the postscript of this campaign, which featured Briers and Wilton, at the height of Ever Decreasing Circle’s popularity.

Aww, he didn’t get to do the wanking bit.

They returned a couple of years later, still with the onanism motif.

Lovely to see the telephone is the right way round.

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