Thought Vomit #9: ft. Nefarious Tinkerton

I like it when weird combinations of real words and neologised words pop into my head. The latest of these is Nefarious Tinkerton. It feels like something that would fall out of Stephen Fry’s mouth as he politely chastises Alan Davies for being too cheeky.

Polyglotic snobbery. Lipsided Smacksoother. Yahrumple mater baiter. Frimp.

It seems a waste when linguistic ticks with such aural substance disappear and die, so I’ve just spent a few minutes typing each one into Google and clicking I’m Feeling Lucky. Here are the results:

Nefarious Tinkerton:,+THE

It’s a shopwiki about Frost The Snowman products.

Polyglotic Snobbery:

This one is a blog written by a Canadian, and the title of the entry is, “St. Raphael The Heteronormative Racist”.

Lipsided Smacksoother:

Initially this finds nothing, and asks if I meant “Lopsided Smack Soother”, so I said yes, and this came up:

It’s the calmspace apparently, and it even has a page which tells us how to read the calmspace. I don’t think you are supposed to use your eyes or critical faculties, instead you’re probably meant to let it colour your soul.

Yahrumple mater baiter:

Google asks if I meant “Yahrumple Master Baiter”, which just goes to show that even Google think most people use the internet for off the cuff activities. Clicking their alternative results in this:

Which is far too disappointing.

And finally, Frimp:

There’s actually a

This is a site all about “free improvisation and stuff”, and as an article on it about the solo Bagpipes.

This was a fun enough game. Why not have a go yourself and leave the results in the comments?

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