Sitcom Advent Calendar Day Five

Opening my Radio Times Guide To TV Comedy to a random page, we stumble across a little know Simon Nye sitcom called My Wonderful Life.

Originally it was conceived as a single one hour drama, but it was soon turned into a six part sitcom. Nye was in the United States working on the remake of Men Behaving Badly, so only wrote two of those episodes, while Amanda Swift and Paul Dornan worked on the remaining four.

It ran from May to June on ITV in 1997, and starred Emma Wray (Watching), Phillip Glenister, and a critically acclaimed performance from Tony Robinson as a new-age eco-warrior.

Here’s the opening few moments of one episode:

So what do you think? Would you seek it out and watch the rest? Do you remember it when it was first on? Do you like Philip Glenister’s hair?

My Wonderful Life
Day Five
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