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I’ve been coveting the new SimCity game, even though I’ve heard all about the launch problems and all the furore over having to be online all the time. As I got up and yawned this morning though, something on a high-up shelf caught my eye.

Classy box
Classy box

It’s the original Sim City and Populous double-pack. I remember both games eating away many hours of my life, so I got it down and had a look. On the back of the box it promises you can “take the destiny of the world’s greatest cities or the city of your dreams in hand!” There’s even a screenshot of the futuristic city you can build,¬†time-stamped¬†as March 2010.

It's the FUTURE
It’s the FUTURE

It’s so old, it has floppy discs. There are people who have graduated from university who won’t know what those are.

It's the PAST
It’s the PAST

And even back then Maxis were trying to scupper and thwart piracy, with their unphotocopyable code sheet. I tried to take a photo of it, but it just came out invisible.

The security sheet is on top
The security sheet is on top

Have a look at this, and see how the original played:

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