About Writing: Get Rid Of The Question Marks?

Exposition. It’s tedious to watch and it’s tedious to write. Unless of course, we make the effort to make it interesting, and maybe even slip the exposition in under the radar without anyone noticing.

But it’s hard.

Make the scene more interesting by adding some conflict, or by making it funny. If you want to see some expert exposition at the very start of [amazon asin=B001CWLFI6&text=Cracker], go and watch Jimmy McGovern establish everything you need to know about his main character Fitz with some elegant writing, and a properly funny monologue.

What’s the point of a rhetorical question?

I read a nice tip the other day too: Get rid of the question marks.

Go through what you’ve written and remove and replace any line that is a question.

It’s quite a simple technique to get your head round, and it will force you to think of other ways to present the information required that don’t involve simple (and boring) call and response exchanges.

I’ve already done it with a flat scene I am currently working on, and while it still needs work, it is already better than it was.

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