About Writing: Dan Harmon’s Story Circle

If you don’t know Dan Harmon, he’s the creator of the always original and inventive sitcom [amazon asin=B00594HH8U&text=Community]. And if you haven’t come across his story circle, you should go and read about it right now. Don’t forget to read all six parts, which are linked at the bottom of each page.

It’s a lovely visual representation (and exploration) of many of the story telling fundamentals discussed in the great book [amazon asin=0312119089&text=The Tools Of Screenwriting].

It's A Simple Circle
It’s a circle, dummy

There’s so much there that it’s not practical to repeat it all here, and it would be disingenuous to do so.

So, just go and read all about story in the form of a circle. Then implement what you’ve learned and improve your writing.

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