In Space, You Can Hear Yourself Think

Liberty Stay can’t think straight. It’s the thought controller on her wrist that does it. Mostly.

But when she’s reunited with her childhood toy, a talking elephant, her mind starts to rebel, and she makes an impulse decision that changes her life, and the solar system, forever.

As she flees the oppressive police state, she’s forced into an uneasy alliance with a doomsday priest and his silent monk, both intent on bringing about the end of days.

When thinking hurts too much, why does life present you with a naked octagenarian, a cartoon squirrel, and a mystery at the centre of the universe?

But it’s nothing a nice cup of tea can’t solve.


That’s probably the blurb for my new book, but it may undergo some changes before publication. I hope you don’t mind me doing it as a blog, it’s sometimes the best way to compose thoughts and get them into shape, so it felt right to do it here.

It’ll be out soon, and because bills don’t pay themselves (maybe that’s an idea for a short story?), it would be great if you could keep an eye out and give it some love.

Thank you.

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