Only Yules And Horses (Part One)

I know that the received wisdom is that the first series of Only Fools And Horses was underwhelming from a ratings perpective (even if it’s first episode was the ninth most-watched show on BBC One that week), but it does bear out that it didn’t get much press coverage (as we saw yesterday). That didn’t stop anyone making a Christmas special (Christmas Crackers) in 1981 though, even if it wasn’t heavily pushed.

Liverpool Echo – Monday 28 December 1981

The following year, Diamonds Are For Heather got an equally lightweight push.

Sandwell Evening Mail – Thursday 30 December 1982

In 1983, the show’s yule special was given the coveted Christmas Day slot. But even then Thicker Than Water barely got a mention outside of the listings pages.

Liverpool Echo – Thursday 15 December 1983
Nottingham Evening Post – Saturday 24 December 1983

This was also the year in which the main characters appeared on a festive episode of Harty.

Even 1985’s To Hull And Back had very little newspaper fanfare.

Daily Mirror – Thursday 12 December 1985
Liverpool Echo – Tuesday 24 December 1985

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the specials that aired between series from 1986-1988.

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