Packet Of Three

In 1991, Channel 4 began airing Packet Of Three, a stand-up/sitcom combi oven, produced by Fine Time, and starring Frank Skinner, Jenny Eclair, and Henry Normal. The opening titles looked like this.

I remember watching this when it was first on, and it was probably the first time I’d seen Frank or Jenny on my TV. I enjoyed it, but Susan Leavy did not, as you can tell from this review in The Stage on 15th August 1991.

When it returned a year later, the show had been slightly re-tooled, this time not strictly relying on three stage acts, and thus was renamed as Packing Them In. Kevin Eldon also joined the cast.

Ann Mann gave this iteration of the series a much fairer write-up, again in The Stage, from 17th September 1992.

And courtesy of Neil Miles’ fantastic YouTube channel, here’s a full episode that features Steve Coogan.

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