No Bits Of Dusty And Dick

Here’s a fantastic full-page spread from The Daily Mirror, dated Friday 6th February 1987. It’s about the new series of Saturday Live on Channel 4.

Almost exactly two years later, on February 2nd 1989, James Green dribbled his thoughts onto the pages of The Stage, this time about the first series of A Bit Of Fry And Laurie.

They’re never going to rival Smith And Jones, but at least they’re not blue, eh? Such a blessing in these lurid late 1980s.

Come the second series, he had slightly warmed to them, but was still bleating the same guff in a different way.

Unlikely to rank alongside the better-known double acts? I also like the bit where he says none of the material is memorable, and then remembers two or three of the their most memorable sketches.

The start of series three saw this double page spread in The Daily Mirror.

While the fourth series garnered this double pager in the same paper.

As well as this full page in the Dublin Herald.

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