The Young Ones Flash Frames

Ever wondered exactly where those flash frames in the second series of The Young Ones come from? Well, here we go then.

In Bambi, there’s a frame from Carry On Cowboy.

In Cash, it’s a frame or two from Ski Sunday.

There’s two in Nasty, a shot of a dripping tap, and one of The Potter’s Wheel.

In Time, there are ‘two frames of gurning from BBC Newcastle’.

For Sick, we see a dove and a flying frog, both taken from Life On Earth, episode one The Infinite Variety.

And finally, in Summer Holiday, there’s a bit of Shalako, and film from 1968, starring Sean Connery, Brigitte Bardot, and Honor Blackman.

There’s also this edit remnant from the first series episode Boring.

And I made a short audio thing about the use of flash frames in the 1980s, which touched on The Young Ones and more on Spitting Image.

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