Again, as another excuse to prompt you towards the second epsiode of Comedy Is …, here’s a quick look at the sitcom that Ten Danson made in between Cheers and Becker. It was called Ink, and co-starred Mary Steenburgen, as estranged husband and wife journalists. We join their story just as she is made managing editor of the New York Sun, thus becoming his boss.

Ink was created by Diane English, who also created Murphy Brown, and ran on CBS for one season in 1996-97. I’m fairly sure this season was run in the UK on the Paramount Comedy Channel. The showas seen wasn’t the show as commissioned.

Such a pity about “Ink.” The CBS sitcom was scheduled to premiere in September with most of the other new fall shows, but the pilot was so wretched and dreadful that the launch was scrubbed. The first four episodes, already produced, were thrown into the trash.

CBS started over and brought in the smart and stylish Diane English, who created “Murphy Brown,” to redo the show. The result, which might be (but isn’t) called “Ink II,” airs tonight at 8:30 on Channel 9. It’s polished, plucky and professional — and stunningly devoid of interest.

Tom Shales, Washington Post, October 21st 1996

Here’s a shorter version of the title sequence.

The show aso featured a guest appearance from Kirstie Alley.

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