Emily’s Reasons Why Not

If you’ve spent millions promoting the next big show on your network, you’ve banked on the new sitcom being a solid replacement for NFL Monday Night Football, and it does pretty well ratings wise, why would you cancel that show the day after it premieres?

Emily’s Reasons Why Not starred Heather Graham, and the story goes that ABC bought the show from Sony without ever watching it.

On the surface you can see why they did this. It’s based on a book by Carrie Gerlach, and chances are they were thinking of Sex And The City. The first episode was watched by 6 million viewers, which wasn’t too shabby.

Seems strange that it was cancelled.

It’s not even like the network suits were in a transition period and wanting to make a mark on the schedules – though Stephen McPherson would later resign for sexual harrassment reasons.

If they didn’t like it, why didn’t they bury it in the schedules, instead of spending millions promoting it before abruptly cancelling it?

Seems like they should have at least aired a few more episodes.

Rather an odd choice to cancel it.

Sure there must have been a reason why.

Can you think of one?

Me too.

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