Directing Situation Comedy by Harold Snoad

I’ve been wanting a copy of the BBC Manual by Harold Snoad for ages. And when it arrived, I wasn’t disappointed.

I’ll be honest. I was secretly hoping it would have some scrawled marginalia throughout, and that I could pretend to myself it was notes taken by someone who went on to direct some great sitcoms. Alas, there was none.

Here’s the back cover.

I think that camera is pointing through the window into Martin Bryce’s shed.

And a close up of that text at the bottom.

One of which was It Sticks Out Half A Mile.

And here’s how Harold introduces the tome.

And this, a little later on.

He ends the manual with this.

And here’s a great photo of the audience for a recording of Ever Decreasing Circles (the final episode, I think).

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