Wetty Hainthropp Looks Into It

It’s always interesting to see which old posts suddenly start to get lots of new reads, and I like to go back and read them to see why that might be. At the moment, I am getting a lot of readers of The Daniels Boyle, but I’ve no idea why.

This is one of those train of thoughts posts by the way.

That Boyle one got me thinking about Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, and I was pleased to discover the series is available on Britbox, so that’s added to the list.

It was also interesting to learn that the series originated as a feature length pilot (of sorts), but over on ITV, and seven years previously.

A brick in the oven?

The pilot was called Missing Persons, and it was based on David Cook’s books. This book had previously been read on Radio Four, by none other than Patricia Routledge. Cook based the character on his mother, and her own escapades.

None of this is why I bought you here though.

No, I bought you here to look at this Comic Relief special by Victoria Wood.

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