Steve Martin’s Tonight Show Diary

Watch this, then we’ll get real nerdy.

Yep, guess what? We’re checking those dates.

8th December 1984 – there was no Tonight Show that night. Must have been a Saturday, and anyway, Joan Rivers was guest hosting that week.

2nd April 1985 – nope, he wasn’t on. Jeff Daniels and Colleen Camp were on.

12th November 1985 – again, nope. Garry Shandling was hosting, not Jay Leno, and the main guest was Teresa Ganzel.

2nd October 1986 – no Steve, instead it was Sikel & Ebert and Pete Barbutti.

24th September 1987 – again no Steve, unless he was disguised as one of Denise Parker, JoAnne Astrow, or Isabella Rossellini.

5th December 1987 – there was no show.

10th April 1988 – there wasn’t a single new Tonight Show in the whole month of April in 1988.

Now, I know this was just a bit, but it would have been a lovely attention to detail if the dates were genuine.

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