Dunder Sellin’

I always enjoy watching sitcom stars in adverts, and you can find loads of examples of that all over this site. So today, let’s look at the cast of The Office (in billed order).

Here’s an early one from 1991, with Steve Carrell.

And there’s this one for chicken too.

This Fed Ex one is interesting for two reasons. It’s a couple of years before he played Michael, but the look is there – and the script seems to be channelling Aaron Sorkin for some reason. I bet it aired during an episode of The West Wing.

More recently, he did this one for Pepsi, which now seems to be selling itself as the perfectly acceptable alternative to a Coke.

Rainn Wilson sort of channels Dwight in this one, but only really with the bobble heads.

And he did this run for Little Caesars Pizza for the 2020 Superbowl.

Here’s John Krasinski selling us Pepsi too, this time from 2003.

I can’t find any pre-Office commercials with Jenna Fischer, but there’s this more contemporary one.

And this one.

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