Sitcom Reunions

With the misleading news that the cast of Friends are reuniting for a new episode (they’re not, it’s just the actors sitting on a stage and talking), what better time to look at a few other US sitcom reunions?

At least Seinfeld did theirs in a unique and interesting way – using a season of Curb Your Enthusiasm to do it. That’s pretty genius actually.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show had two reunions. The 20th Anniversary in 1991, and The Reunion in 2002 were both clip shows with chats with the cast.

But more recently the cast met up again for scenes in the sitcom Hot In Cleveland, albeit playing new characters.

Happy Days, the show that spawned a million spin offs, had two reunions, both of which were retrospective clip shows again. Not many of its progeny did though, but Laverne & Shirley did.

But perhaps one of the more interesting ones is the 19th, not 20th, anniversary of The Bob Newhart Show.

It starts as a contination of the end his follow up sitcom Newhart, which revelaed that whole series was a dream in the world of the original.

Breaking Bad went on to spoof this ending themselves.

I love the story of how it all came about and unfolded.

The anniversary continues on from this moment, with Bob going to work the next day and talking about his dream.

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