Familiar Shows, Different Accents

When we think of overseas remakes, we tend to focus mostly on the US networks taking British shows and making them their own (for better or for worse). Until recently my only experience with Australian remakes was Are You Being Served? and The Two Ronnies special.

Yesterday though we saw the TV Burp remake, and so I thought I’d explore some of the other formats. This one for example.

Conspicuous by their absence is Ant & Dec. An odd choice not to have them chip in with advice.

By the way, if you aren’t already acquainted with Julia Morris, remedy that immediately. She is fantastic.

That’s another remade format, but not a UK one.

Some seem a lot less charming.

And I’m sure you recognise this one.

It’s also fun to see an Australian promo for a very familiar US show.

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