Rik A Brac

Rik Mayall was trending on Twitter this morning, for no other apparent reason that people were just remembering how great he was. Here are some various weird and wonderful video of Rik, starting with this music video for Circus Circus Circus.

And from the much forgotten Blackadder Back And Forth as Robin Hood.

In a similar vein, here’s an extended advert for Bombadier. No-one yanks a zip up like Rik.

Enjoy how Rik’s face lights up as he remembers reading George’s Marvellous Medicine for Jackanory, then imagine how great he would have been doing a bit of Shake.

Talking of storytelling and Shaky Bill.

And here he is with the Bastard Squad, performing My Generation.

And he was a question on Telly Addicts once, looking ridiculously like my older brother.

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